A Structure That Supports Relationships

Continuity of Care

Continuity of Care can be defined as the quality of care over time. NHCD Center provides children and families with Continuity of Care through mixed age group settings.  Children are able to remain in the same environment with the same caregivers for extended periods of time deepening the relationships.  This will provide children a secure foundation for development and early learning.

North Haven Child Development Center is committed and dedicated to providing you and your child continuity of care. We know and understand that young children under the age of five must be able to develop and maintain strong relationships with care providers in order to build confidence needed for continued learning.

Mixed Age Groups

By offering mixed age groups within our program we are able to ensure your child has minimal transitions throughout his or her time in our care. Children are placed together in the same classroom for extended periods of time. Our infant and toddler classrooms are a mix of children eight weeks to three years old and our preschool classroom program is a mix of children three to five years old.

Your child will be able to remain in the same environment with the same caregivers and classmates. Much research shows that this is vital to the social and emotional well being of any child under the age of five years old in order to learn about themselves and others, trusts adults, regulate their own behaviors and play appropriately with other children.

Additionally, you and your child will not only be able to build and develop a strong relationship with your teacher, but the teaching staff will know and track your child’s growth and development from the first day he or she enters into our program. Teachers will be able to see growth over a larger continuum and support individual needs. The teacher will know your child’s strengths and areas of need based on longer periods of times spent together.

Primary Caregiving

A Primary Caregiver is established in our Infant and Toddler Classrooms.  The Primary Caregiver consistently assumes the responsibility for the child and family.  The child will pick their primary caregiver during the first few days and weeks in our care.  Children, for one reason or another, are naturally drawn to particular individuals and personalities.  As a result, our staff use this to our advantage to develop secure and trusting relationships with the child to help them successfully transition into our program. Extensive research on brain development and how babies learn clearly demonstrates the importance of secure attachments with adults as critical to babies’ overall development.

We know and understand the importance of early childhood education for you and your family. With our open door policy we hope that you will join your child’s classroom for special activities and events throughout the year.  It is our hope that we are able to serve you and your family over several years and that you begin to think of us as part of your extended family.

“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship”

The North Haven Child Development Center is staffed by highly trained and skilled teachers dedicated to helping your child reach his or her full potential.